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Moarsi shirt (female) // PRE-WORN

Moarsi shirt (female) // PRE-WORN

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Presenting the Moarsi [girlfriend] showpiece shirt for women, made out of 100% reindeer leather and reindeer antler buttons. 

This exclusive showpiece has been featured on red carpets, at fashion shows, and worn by celebrities and may, as a result, show a few signs of use. 


- Material: 100% reindeer leather
- Reindeer antler buttons
- Color: Burgundy
- Made in Finland


Created from 100% reindeer leather, your garment ages gracefully, just like us. The leather will soften and form with time and use, reflecting its journey. Sourced from wild animals, the leather may bear marks from their natural habitat. These unique characteristics are a testament to the authenticity of the material. Embrace these marks as part of the garment's story. This limited, luxurious material is a tribute to Sápmis nature.

Care Tip: Avoid water and harsh elements.

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