Corporate Social Responsibility

In an industry where sustainability and ethical production is rarely a priority, Gobmi focuses on just that. The one thing that characterizes the diverse group of Sami people is their connection to nature. This is also one of Gobmi’s central values. Gobmi chooses sustainable material for their products and cooperates with clothing factories that focus on ethical production, both for the environment and the workers.

For Gobmi sustainability is about creating quality products, using sustainable material, minimal waste and an ethical production “close to home”. All Gobmi products are manufactured in Europe and we aim to source all our material as close to home as possible, preferably from Europe. By producing in Europe we avoid long distance shipping and also know the production is ethical and sustainable, through the strict rules of the EU regarding the production's impact on the environment and the working conditions for the workers.

Gobmi focuses on minimal waste. We produce just above orders to avoid dead stock. When making prototypes for new styles, we’re using the new technology of CLO-3D-design; a new technology used for a more sustainable production of prototypes. By working with CLO-3D we develop the samples digitally first, and in that way reduce the number of samples we produce and also avoid flying multiple samples back and forth before having finished a style.